Manor Oxford

Design and Project Management

The Process


We will join you initially for a couple of hours to share your thoughts. Understanding your style, budget, requirements and usability of your current home or your next home will allow us to begin creating your vision, as well as inspiring you with new ideas. Be it simply transforming one room, building an extension or a full refurbishment, we can talk you through the whole process.

Design and Planning

Post instruction, design and planning begins. Floor plans, 3D rendering, mechanical and electrical plans, furniture layouts and interiors. We walk you through your project with easy to understand 3D modelling so you can fully visualise the design in order to confidently sign off plans. We will liaise with builders, either chosen by you or those we recommend to ensure feasibility and compliance and you will soon watch your project come to life.

Project Management

The fun part! Design agreed, the builders’ hats are on and everything starts to get a little dusty. Depending on the size of the project, we will carry out regular site visits and design team meetings to ensure everything is running according to plan. There are often unknowns along the way but we ensure any issues or technical problems are ironed out at the soonest possibility, through to handing back your finished project.

Post Handover

Once the dust has settled and you’re making the most of your new space, we will carry out a follow up visit. During this time we can run through any queries and carry out any necessary snagging. Our aim is to ensure everything is living up to your expectations and more, once you have had a chance to indulge in your new room or home.